Schoolgirl Katy White’s long golden hair makes her a look-alike of fairytale heroine Rapunzel. Katy, a pupil at Amman Valley Comprehensive School (AVCS), has many fans, who stop her to marvel at the length of her hair – which is almost the same height as her. Katy of Bishop Road, Ammanford is 4ft 11in tall, while her hair which flows to the back of her knees, measures 3ft 4in.

Kathy is only 12 and through these years she has only had her hair cut three times (aside from the time she cut her own fringe). On one occasion when Katy was just six, she decided to cut two big chunks out of the front of her hair,’ said mother Barbara. ‘I spotted hair in the bin and assumed Katy had thrown a doll away. When I pulled the hair out I turned around and noticed that Katy had two huge steps in the front of her hair. Other than that she’s hardly ever had it trimmed at the hairdressers, and only three times.’

Besides attracting admirers, Katy’s hair also creates it own problems. ‘Her hair are pretty but deadly as well’, laughed Barbara. ‘She is learning the martial art Choi Kwang Do, and to do that we have to put her hair in a plait.’

‘The only worry is that when she spins, her hair whips round, and people have to move out of the way. It’s like a secret weapon.’ Kathy spends an hour to wash her hair and just as long to dry. People stop me to ask about my hair all the time, I’m used to it now,’ said Katy.
Kathy never officially had her hair measured, but hairdresser Lisa Bryan from Bedazzled, in Ammanford, volunteered to measure Katy’s mane. ‘I haven’t ever seen hair this long before,’ said Lisa. ‘It clearly is well looked after.’ A spokesperson from the Guinness World Record said Kathy is not close to breaking any record, but added: ‘That is some long hair for a girl of her age.’ Asha Mandela is the current world title holder – she has 55ft long dreadlocks.