gallery slatebook x2The Slate Book x2, only the HP’S second Android tablet, is a 10-inch slate that contests on cost as well as features. For $480, the keyboard dock is attached also, and the tablet itself displays some latest and advanced functions, including a 1,920 x 1,080 screen and a Tegra 4 processor


slatebook 08With a flat plastic lid, made up in a dark gray color, it would be naïve to reject the Slate Book x2 as dull. In reality, the Slate Book is outstanding, especially when it’s one of the sleekest tablets we’ve ever experienced. At 1.34 pounds cost for only the slate, it has less weight than both the current I Pad (1.44 pounds), and the Toshiba Excite Pro, which measures identical 1.39.

Keyboard dock:

keyboardJoining a track pad with an Android tablet is a cool thing. Android wasn’t developed to function with a mouse and keyboard. At the same time, once you familiarize with the typing on its keyboard dock, it can look laborious to take your hand farther from the keys to get through a webpage or strike the small refresh icon.

Display and sound:

displayWe wouldn’t be telling the truth if we inform you that full HD resolution was a custom feature for tablets, but with more costly models, you’re almost in the clear. For the amount you pay, the Slate Book x2 gives you a 10.1-inch 1,920 x 1,080 display. Even though it has an IPS panel, the viewing angles are not wide enough, though we assume that is due to the low brightness rating than a collapse of the IPS technology. To be honest, we came to know of the viewing angles when we watched a movie with the tablet placed face-up on a table.


Software HP recently made it back to the tablet market, and although it doesn’t always get the software functioning properly, it has done a decent job this time. On board, we have: Box, Ever note, King soft Office, Skitch, Splash top and Tegra Zone, for searching Tegra-optimized games.

Performance and battery life:

batteryThe Slate Book x2 is the second tablet we’ve used with a Tegra 4 processor inside, but we have found that the chip has got an immense performance capability. Slate Book performs excellently in every test. It is very suitable for gaming and you can enjoy any type of game on it.

The competition:

competitionAs mentioned earlier, ASUS doesn’t have too many competitors in the dockable Android tablet market. The Lenovo Idea Tab S2110 we examined last year, has been discarded, and nothing identical has replaced it. Acer has produced some dockable tablets, but they all operate Windows 8. sThe nearest product we can name is the upcoming Iconic A3, and even that’s not an ideal match, as it has a low price with very low specs (1,280 x 800 screen, et cetera).
This kind of thing Toshiba can entertain with a firmware update across the total Excite line.


wrap upThe HP Slate Book x2 is only a prudent choice if you want to use the key board effectively. It’s essential to know that the dock isn’t here for fun, it is provided in the box, and it explains the way you are expected to use the product. If you want to spend plenty of time on email and note-taking, this is the best comfortable keyboard dock on any Android tablet, and it assists to enhance the battery life too. Overall, the device seems to have its own attraction to appeal to you and get caught on.