What is Fiverr?

May be, you hear about an online resource website www.fiverr.com. Fiber.com is a popular website where people can buy and sell services (generally known as gigs) for $5.00. To start generating income you may be inquisitive why you are going to use Fiverr (five-er). If you know how to make money on www.fiber.com, there is an entire world of limitless possibilities for generating money with www.fiverr.com.

Create Your Fiverr Account

Before starting you need a Fiverr account of course. So follow the instructions given bellow:

  • Click and open your browser (Firefox/Chrome, etc).
  • Go to www.fiverr.com than click on “Join” option and fill up all required field like user id, email address, password etc than click on Join link.
  • Than appear “My eBay Summary” on your browser.
  • As you submitted all data as required, an email will be sent by Fiverr to your email account containing an activation link.
  • Log in your email account and click on confirmation link to active your Fiverr account.
  • Congratulation! Now you have a Fiverr account and go forward with your dream on Fiverr for generating income.
  • Now bid on your preferred items/products or offer items/products and earn money.
  • Through online ads or local advertising venues now you can advertise your services.

Now having a little economic knowledge or not through fiverr.com you can generate your income in a shorter amount of time.

Payments Method

If you purchase a service, you will pay $5.00. And only for $1.00, a third-party payment processor like www.paypal.com maintains all transactions. For example, you will receive a net amount of $4.00 only if you provide the service.

To pay for a service, you may use PayPal account or any other valid third-party payment processor but to receive money when you sell a service you need a PayPal account. Worry about opening a PayPal Account! It’s quite easy. Go to www.PayPal.com, you can open a PayPal account less than one minute.

Fiverr success secrets

As a new Fiverr user selling services on Fiverr.com is not difficult as you think. First of all have to figure out only for $5 what you are going to sell on Fiverr. There are huge categories of things to choose from. What will happen to you if you have never sold on fiverr? I have some groovy, tested ideas for starting making you money on Fiverr.

1. Create Your Sexy Gigs

As success in Fiverr.com mostly depend on nice and sexy gigs. To get the best out of your listings you may take advantage of elite formatting tricks. For creating a gig you need to make a listing according to your desire.

  1. Clear your gig’s title & description
  2. Use very high quality images on your Gigs
  3. Use the correct keyword on your gig
  4. Create a high quality video for your Gig
  5. Provide proper and clear instructions to your buyers

2. Fiverr Rockstar

It is prohibited getting negative feedback for a successive income generator in Fiverr.com, So that seeing your gigs people would ensure that you are careful about your offer and willing to do your job perfectly. First of all always try to be professional with customers. When answering question of your customers that may come up be polite and take time for answering. Before the customer submits their final review of your product or service, it would be a better idea to improve your feedback asks for comments and feedback. It may helpful to prevent negative feedback from your customers.
3. Fiverr Traffic

You should get traffic to your gigs and it is essential for getting buyers. You don’t have to need spend money to get the word out about your Fiverr gigs with an elite traffic options.

  • Social media can get a large amount of traffic. Like using the Fiverr Facebook page you can post links which cover thousands of view about your Fiverr gig.
  • Craigslist and aside from Craigslist, there are some free classified ads services available in online where you can submit your ads too.

Double Your Profits on Fiverr

Of course by doing less work everyone wants to make more money, and you can do it with your gigs and when you sell. With some simple profit extension techniques this is possible with most gigs.

For making more money from your profits definitely outsourcing is one of the best ways.Once you have received a lot of positive feedback from your customers for a specific gig, you can provide fewer things for the same price, or provide the same thing for a bigger price. Your received feedback will remain on the gig and for the same amount of money you could simply do less work.