Have you ever think making money using your most favorite social networking site like Facebook?  Now this is true and you can start generating money using the attractive power of Facebook to draw people’s attention. As now Millions of people use Facebook. For generating money using Facebook already has become popular and easy to understand. Generally people use Facebook for communicating, sharing views and ideas with their friends. Now it is preferable to businessman for promoting activities, advertising, sells and services etc in Facebook, and highly effective.

Your success or failure for making money with Facebook depend on your strategy your plan and hard work. Let’s try to find out how to generate money with Facebook.

You can develop many numbers of applications to perform your particular task as Facebook always offers you such opportunities to help you. For earning money you can link your product’s page out of Facebook. In addition, you can generate more money from your brand product using Facebook link and page.

Before starting if you can brand yourself carefully and perfectly, you may succeed in generating money from Facebook. If you have a running website, it would be perfect idea to look your website and arrange your Facebook page accordingly. On your Facebook page, place your affiliate product’s links which will be an easy way to make know huge amount of people about your products.

Your Facebook friends would be your market in Facebook. Making more money depends on the number of your Facebook friends. Don’t you have many friends in Facebook? As luck would have it, it’s very quite easy to create a monolithic market (Facebook Friends) in Facebook. You can simply search and invite others in Facebook to be your friend. Obviously it is easy but need more time to create a massive friend list in your Facebook Account. But don’t worry about it as there is little number of software for making huge amount of friends in your Facebook account. Let’s see some another way for making money in Facebook.

Show ads on Facebook

There are huge amount of Facebook applications which make it quite easy to show ads on Facebook. If you are popular among your Facebook friends there will be huge possibilities of showing your ads and a big number of people can see your ads and such way success will come constantly. You can use Adsense in Facebook showing ads which also bring money to your pocket. But first be sure about your Facebook audience interests and then set related ads to product and services.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook

It is also similar for showing ads on Facebook but more directly.

Knowing your Facebook friends (Audience) interest At first you can freely register with affiliate networking websites like Maxbounty ,ClickBank, etc. and can pick out a product for promoting.

Sell Facebook application

If you are intelligent enough to create a Facebook application, you may sell it to others. Once you have made it you can know the strategies for making such an app, in future modifying that you can sell it to many others. Also you can use in your own business purpose.