Halloween is a bone of contention among parents. Some moms and dads feel it creates a negative effect on children. Others believe it is sheer fun. Check out the 10 bad and good things that Halloween teach your kids:

It teaches them to be more social


For introvert kids Halloween is a great opportunity to open up. The costumes and candy will be ample enough incentive for reserved kids to interact with friends and neighbors. In a big group shy children will find it easy to get involved and take initiative.

It teaches them good manners


Halloween helps kid learn some etiquettes. Even if little children have the least idea what the words ‘please’ and ‘thanks’ are about, they would catch that they are essentials to start and finish the conversation.

It teaches them about individuality


Halloween make little children aware that it’s good to be unique. On Halloween night children impersonate their favorite cartoon character or a revered hero. That will help them gain some confidence.

It teaches them to be creative


Halloween teach little children how to be creative. You can encourage children to come up with new costume ideas. That can prompt them to put their creative skills to work.

It teaches them about moderation


Most young children return home with a bag full of goodies after the Halloween festivities are over, and want to devour everything in one go. You should limit them to a couple of miniature candy bars at a time. That will teach them how to eat in moderation.

It teaches them to behave poorly


Halloween also teach kids some bad things. Some older children and teenagers play pranks like throwing eggs on houses or putting toilet paper in yards. Younger children can mimic that bad behavior. You should be careful about that.

It teaches them to be selfish


Halloween can set off a case of the “gimmes” in your kids. The night can quickly become all about getting as much candy as possible. Your child may start grumbling that a sibling collected more candy or that you failed to take him or her to enough houses.

It teaches them that darkness is scary


If your kids fear darkness, Halloween can make matters worse. The ghoulish decorations may make children associate nighttime with being frightened. Those witches, ghosts and goblins can even evoke nightmares.

It teaches them not to be afraid of strangers


‘Stranger danger’ is a big concern for parents and they usually spend extra time teaching their kids about this menace. However, children will likely run across many unfamiliar people if they go trick-or-treating in new neighborhoods. It can turn confusing since taking candy from strangers is usually something they’d get in trouble for doing. Anyhow, your child should be aware that unwrapped candies and homemade pastry are better avoided at all costs.

It teaches them to ignore the rules of road safety


Kids most often do trick-or-treating on foot. It can be hard for children to differentiate between sidewalks and main streets. They can get injured by a car if they’re in the middle of the road in dark costumes. Ignoring safety rules could bring on deadly consequences in certain situations.

It’s critical to study the pros and cons of allowing your children to take part in the spooky celebration. It will help you find out how trick-or-treating will be good and bad for little ones.