Cycling helps build a lean body and strong muscles. However, it can also create a ‘third testicle’, doctors have warned. As per a new report, South African scientists documented a weird condition – in which cyclists develop a lump — called a third testicle – in their groin. And women can be afflicted by this condition as well.

The report published in the South African Journal of Sports Medicine, explained that a third testicle, a.k.a ‘cyclist’s nodule’ — forms due to continual rubbing of the bottom on the hard saddle. The constant vibration and friction between the lowest bones of the pelvis (called the ischial tuberosities), the tissue under the skin of the bottom (called the ‘superficial perineum fascia’) and the saddle, trigger formation of a lump.

This nodule feels tender but firm and typically measures around three centimetres, the report stated. The overlying skin is mostly normal but look like is chafed or irritated. As it appears towards the back of the bottom — it has been dubbed a third – or accessory – testicle. The scientists opine that doctors should check the patients history of cycling if they are found with a soft lump near their bottom.

The common symptoms include: pain on pressure and when sitting on the saddle, that can even prompt the cyclist to give up the sport. The first line of treatment is a local steroid injection, or removing the nodule with surgery. Although it is a men-only affliction the report documented the weird case of an eager female cyclist, 29, who grew a testicle. Doctors prescribed painkillers to her and recommended she should leave cycling, an advice she did not appreciate. However, replacing her bike’s saddle appeared to help.

Earlier on it was believed that bike riding caused infertility and erectile dysfunction because the cycling put pressure on male genitals, however, a recent study by University College London has debunked these myths. Cycling in fact makes people calmer, boosting their relationship, jobs, and even their sex life.