A heated debate is going on whether the internet is a blessing or an evil. Internet teach us lots of bizarre things like: how to commit perfect murders; and learn how to cheat on a video game. Law enforcement use internet to solve crimes, still lot of them remain unsolved.

Ted Loseff’s suicide.


A man in Los Angeles named Ted Loseff, was discovered dead in his running car, with a hose that had been fed from the tailpipe to the window and the police inferred it was suicide. There were some holes in the conclusion though. Ted rarely parked in the garage, he mostly did so out front. The suicide note was on a shirt cardboard but his maid used a hanger. The maid asserted Ted had bought the shirt, but he never wore it.

The unfortunate meeting of Lenny Dirickson


On 14th March 1998 Lenny and his son, Jared, were having breakfast on Dirickson dairy farm when a stranger driving a white truck pulled up their driveway. Lenny went and greeted the stranger and coolly told his son he would go with the stranger and return in the afternoon. Since then, Lenny has not returned.

The Golden Buddha case


Albert Fuchigami and Roger Roxas ran across a treasure map that had been given to Albert by his father, an officer during World War II in the Japanese army, and thereon left for an expedition in 1970. The map led them to a Buddha golden depiction that weighed close to 2,000 pounds. The Buddha was loaded with diamonds. The next day the Buddha disappeared from Roxas house. Some people claim that the Buddha was kept in Ferdinand Marcos palace. He was a dictator who ruled Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

The D.B Cooper case


Dan Cooper boarded the Northwest Airlines Flight 305 on November 21st 1971. He carried a briefcase that had a bomb. Cooper hijacked the plane and demanded $200,000 as ransom threatening to bomb the plane. He received the money plus a parachute, and moments before the plane landed Cooper jumped from the plane, never to be found.

The Somerton man case


A corpse of a well-dressed man was discovered on the Somerton Beach in Australia by a couple. The labels on his clothes had been torn off and a page from the Persian book of poems, ”The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” sewn on his coat lining. Later a book that carried the exact same page ripped was discovered along with a code that was never cracked.

The Tylenol murders.


Tylenol claimed many lives in Chicago in 1982. A girl complained of cold and was given Tylenol by her parents – she died. A mailman took Tylenol to treat his aching knees – he also died. His sister in law and brother as well died from taking the same Tylenol. To date no suspect has been caught.