Magic is all about conjuring tricks and so are these chic Halloween costumes that use dummy legs to help sell a fantasy. They are not exactly magic but they sure daze people.


Rocket Backpack

It is a tutorial by mikeasaurus on that you can follow to design your own rocket blast costume finished with lights, sound and puppet effects to lift the legs off the ground when you are airborne.




It’s impractical to contort our bodies into amazing shapes like circus performers but anyone can pass oneself off as one with this funky costume by Instructables user nicemag.


Tauntaun Rider

This amazing Tauntaun costume will stun the Star Wars fans. Stilts are fitted into the costume to make the creature reach the right height. Scott Holden shows the entire creation process step by step on his website. While getting inspired to copy the intricate procedure seems not possible still it’s cool to watch how much goes into this breathtaking piece of geeky greatness.


Robot With An Alien In A Cage

This dazzling costume merges two of the most popular components of of sci-fi, aliens and robots, to create a single masterpiece. The robot’s radiant video screen face emotes whereas the alien within lives and breathes.


Gorilla With A Man In A Cage

Heralded as one of the classical costumes ‘gorilla in a cage’ is a comical fantasy that will entertain everyone at your next party. However, it’s near impossible eat or drink anything in this get up.


Dinosaur With A Man In A Cage

This fantasy – a dino carrying a man in a cage is an upgraded version of the classic gorilla, and we believe it could be made even more fascinating by dressing the man in caveman duds.


Class Clown

This costume will certainly inflict trauma on anyone with a clown phobia – a clown carrying someone in a box. To construct one for yourself just follow Instructable by Sonata85.


Baby Being Born

Mothers everywhere will shiver when they look at this scary birthing costume. However, the legs look fake letting it maintain a playful silliness as opposed to the frightening image of a grown man emerging into this world.


Kidnapped Mermaid

It is a dream of every pirate to have a pretty mermaid bride and a booty of precious gems and stones. This funky costume tutorial by ModMischief allow enacting the role of that beautiful mermaid carried off by a dirty pirate scallywag.


Serial Killer Victim

This frightfully gory costume by Halloween Forum user DeadMeat will certainly amaze and scare everyone when he rambles through the party enacting the part of the dismembered victim riding in the knapsack of a madman.


Victorian Times

It’s easy to visualize these kinds of bizarre costumes are a recent invention, but they in fact have been around for years and were once popular in vaudeville acts like this one.


Baby Riding Piggyback

Love the concept of these kinds of funny costumes but don’t know the technique to create one of your own? Then have a look at this funny “Don’t Want to Grow Up” costume.


Frankenstein’s Bounty

Most kids dread the monster under the bed, but this young girl decided to let one whisk her away for Halloween and the outcome is amazing. Follow nprabhu’s Instructable to recreate this one for yourself.


Floating Steampunk Chair

Hovering chair is still a fantasy but you can emulate it like Scott from Eugene, Orgeon. The whole outfit weighs around 20 pounds, so you can easily wear it for hours together.


Humpty Dumpty

Candid Costume fixes up a yearly costume contest, and Humpty Dumpty by Mark Simmons was one of their first winners.