Comic strip – Loved by all agesA comic strip has been into prominence since the turn of the 19th century, when they were first started through newspapers and local pamphlets in the form of black and white images weaved into a story. These sequences of drawings have now found a major place in the domain of literary entertainment. The stories are usually humorous and narrative; the characters of the comic strips are shown to speak out the narrations that are trapped within balloon shaped frame. These comic strips are now prevalent in most of the magazines and newspapers; they are great entertainers of all ages and gender. They can stretch over more than thousands of episodes. The strips are drawn by skillful cartoonists and the narration is handled by the author or storyteller. This article enlists the top 5 comic characters that have won the hearts of their readers round the globe.


GARFIELDGarfield is one of the most famous comic strips till date .It was created in the year 1978 by Jim Davis. This comic strip also got a ward for the Most Syndicated comic strip in the Guinness Book of world record. This name was given on the grandfather name of Davis as Davis claims that he got the inspiration from his grandfather James Garfield Davis. Garfield, an orange tabby cat, Jon Arbuckle, his owner and Arbuckle’s pet dog, Odie, are the three main characters in this comic strip.Odie is the best friend of Garfield but he used to torment Odie all the time. Garfield is considered as a selfish, lazy and obese cat that enjoys eating lasagna..Some of the popular themes are Garfield’s witty remarks, laziness,craze for food, hatred for Mondays, spiders and other things that make him work.

The incredible Hulk:

The incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk is the altered ego of Dr.Robert ruce Banner who was a physicist. This comic strips was first seen in 1962 is from the Marvel Comics Universe and depicted in many television shows, animated series,video games and movies.

This hulk is a giant sized monster that creates destruction and devsatation but is a unique comic strip. Although Hulk portrays the dark side of the Banner’s psyche but he is definitely a hero in the eyes of his fans.


SupermanSuperman was first seen in the Action Comics No. 1 but after its first appearance he appereared in many comic strips, television shows and video games. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Siegel in 1932.This is one of the widely knows superhero and he only has a self-titled comic book that is dedicated to him only.Earlier, he appeared as an angry man with a lot of aggression who was ready to violate up all outlaws without worrying about any consequences, but with time, he has become a calm and sober who accepts the moral codes as well. He wants a re-union with fellow Kryptonians also as he is suffering from loneliness.


SpidermanSpiderman is a famous character of Marvel Comic universe fiction. He is a superhero and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. This is the only comic character that has also been seen in a very successful movie series. He has been featured in live-action TV shows, syndicated comic strips and video games.

Peter Parker was  the protagonist who  was bitten up by a radioactive spider in an science exhibition and then he got the powers beyond his apprehension. Then he becomes agile and start hanging from walls and ceilings.Then he developed  a mode to fire the adhesive webbing with the help of  his wrist. This was how this character was formed as transforms into a responsible crime fighter. Earlier, he was interpreted as insubstantial, anti-social and  accident-prone teenager but then he gained maturity with the passage of  time and becomes a stronger person.

Angry Birds:

Angry BirdsAngry Bird is one the latest comic strip character and it was inspired primarily by a sketch of the stylized wingless birds which was the first game releases for Apple’s operating system in December 2009.Angry bird is very popular for its comical style. This comic character has been praised for its successful combination of addictive game play and comical style.