bluetooth       The guessing game whether your car’s tire pressure is within the ‘OK’ range or not is over. Fobo’s latest Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), finish-off most of your tire issues like leaks and tire pressures, etc.

bluetooth2The TPMS by Fobo employ bluetooth 4.0 to connect to Android or iOS devices in addition to individual tire sensors, that are employed to monitor the pressures actively and aim at serving data in real time to the user’s smartphone around-the-clock.

bluetooth3Lots of identical devices are available for bikes and motorbikes, however, Fobo asserts that TPMS is the lone device made for cars. The installation of the smart gauge takes just a few seconds.

bluetooth4It supersedes the wee cap and employs 2 AA batteries for the ‘In-Car’ unit and a single CR2032 button battery for each individual sensor unit. Thereon the Fobo Tire gauge connects to the companion app on Android or iOS platform device.

bluetooth5Designers say that each tire has its personal unique identifier that enables the system to record data accurately and is fitted with a 3-level alert system. The instant tire pressures drops below acceptable level you get to hear the alarm over your phone. Aggressive alerts come into play if the level drops below safe mark making it unsafe to drive.

bluetooth6Supposing, you don’t have a smartphone, then the backup system that is based on the in-car unit and covers live monitoring and notifications, takes over. The user is served information within the 30 meters range around the car.

bluetooth8For corporate clients the device can be configured to enable 20 cars to be monitored from one app. The device mounted on tires is pretty easy to steal, however, the effort would be a waste because each sensor is keyed to the owner’s own Fobo cloud account. Fobo asserts, the device is waterproof and durable. It has done well during tests in extreme hot and cold environments. The batteries presumably last around two years in normal temperature conditions.

bluetooth9Fundraising target has been reached on Indiegogo where for a pledge of $90 you can warrant an in-car unit, four sensors and the free app. Most probably the deliveries will commence in November if things move as per plans.