online gamesInternet is a chock-a –clock full of online games ranging from solitaire games to mystery game and other arcade of games .Some games need interaction with others while some games can be played on your own like action games, word games and adventure games Some of the most popular online games for kids are given here:

Murder Mystery Game:

murderThis game is for older kids. To play this game, one need to sign up with an email address, search for all the details of a case of murder and then the player has to search for the clues to solve the murder mystery. In this game, investigations have to be carried out by making a list of all probable suspects and interrogation of other witnesses is carried on. When the investigation reaches a dilemma, then other online players are consulted to facilitate more clues. After the investigation is over, the player gets exposure to the murderer.

Online Crossword Puzzle:

crossword puzzlesSolving a crossword puzzle is among one of the favorite online games for children who are not at all interested in detective games. The rules are same as of the conventional crossword games. To play this game online, current word on which you will be working will be yellow in color and while the current letter which is worked upon is cyan and if you enter a wrong letter then it appears as red in color. Click on the particular letter to change the letter and use backspace to delete any particular letter.

Bowling Online:

bowlingThis is a fun filled game for older kids. It gives hours of engrossing fun. With the use of latest sophisticate graphics, the bowling online gives a real experience like that of an actual bowling alley. You can have fun by playing this game with other online friends.

Dressing up Games Online:

dress up gameThis game is for kids of the younger age group. It is more liked by girls as they experience great fun by dressing up their dolls like Barbie in stylish and trendy outfit and accessories with a complete makeover.

Checkers Online:

CheckersA classic board online game which is fun for kids. The main purpose of this game is to use your pieces and they have to jump over the opponent’s pieces while removing them from the game. This game can also be won by using your pieces to block the opponent’s pieces. When this game played online then it makes you connected with the opponent on the Internet in real time.

Space flight stimulator:

Wing CommanderA space flight simulator game gives the player an experience of space flight. Some of the examples of true simulators are that it aims at piloting a spacecraft in such a manner that assimilates with nature’s laws like Orbiter and Microsoft space simulator. Other games that are also played in 3d space without restricting any movements simulate with the movement of the space in the real world.

Online poker:

online pokerOnline poker is the game of poker played over the Internet. There is a considerable rise in the number of poker players worldwide. It is a game that uses the mind and to socialize with. Some people consider this game as gambling but if we are playing this game without spending money then how can it be called a gambling?


scrabble largeScrabble is also a board game and is among one of the favorite for groups of children doing adults as a party game. This game can be played by 2 to 4 players on a board of 225 squares(15 columns by 15 rows).Words are made using around 100 tiles that have different words on them. Each tile has a letter and a number which are combined to make words by the players.

Plants Vs. Zombies:

pvszIt is one of the awards winning adventure game for kids. In this game, the player has to destroy zombies with the help of plants. Wide variety of funny plants are available with different range of zombies.

Bob the Builder – Can Do Zoo:

BobTheBuilderThis game is very good for the development of logical thinking, creative and intellectual abilities of children. The player of this game has to team up with the famous character “Bob-the builder” and have to create a zoo in which animals can roam freely.