Best I-Pads And Their Salient FeaturesApple is one of most loved companies in the world. And one of the most coveted Apple gadgets is the i-pad. The array of i-pads available in the market may confuse the buyers. Different i-pads are equipped with tons of features and in order to choose the best i-pad from a host of them, one needs to first list out one’s preferences in terms of mobile and tablet features. Here is a list of some of the best i-pads available or worth waiting for, to help you make a conscious decision.

Apple i-pad 4s with Retina Display:

Apple i-pad 4s with Retina DisplayThis highly advanced fourth generation gadget comes with a retina display. When you begin to use it, you will be surprised to experience the clarity this i-pad offers. This is one of the best i-pads ever, which comes with A6X chip, 4G mobile internet and display that is clearer than your high end HD Television. If you are a gadget freak then this one, with all the latest technologies incorporated into one single tablet, is indeed the best choice for you.

Apple i-pad Mini:

Apple i-pad MiniThis one is indeed one of the best i-pads for people who like to carry technology in a compact form. It has almost all the prominent features of a classic i-pad along with being small and compact to be carried around easily. It has a great display, high definition camera with FaceTime feature, wireless internet that is faster than most mobile internet. Apart from the regular i-pad apps that are in-built in this, i-pad mini has over thousands of apps which can be easily downloaded from the Apple store.

Apple i-pad 2:

Apple i-pad 2Although this i-pad tends to fade in terms of features when compared to the above two, Apple i-pad 2 is no way less in quality as well as popularity. It has all the basic features of a classic iPod and comes with several inbuilt apps. The display and camera of this i-pad is similar to the advanced versions and it is much cheaper than i-pad 4. So if you are looking for technology, large screen display and interesting apps all in one, Apple i-pad 2 is your best bet.

Apple i-pad 3:

Apple i-pad 3Much like the fourth generation i-pad, this i-pad was the first of its kind to introduce retina display. The popularity of this i-pad became evident when it hit record sales during the first three days of its launch. This one also comes with excellent in-built apps and has high definition recording option coupled with a 5 mega pixel camera. Its iOS 6 has amazing features which also makes this i-pad rather interesting.

Apple i-pad 5:

Apple i-pad 5This eagerly waited for iPad is going to be released soon, although the dates have not been confirmed yet. This one is expected to be a thinner and lighter weight version of its fourth generation sibling. As rumors have it, this lighter version will be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a smaller battery.
So, if you are the inquisitive one, wait for the latest release, to become the proud owner of an Apple i-pad.