Best Camera PhonesThe concept of mobile phones has undergone a massive change in the present time, when talking and texting are no more the primary functions of a mobile phone. Buyers look for several features and advanced technologies before zeroing in on a particular phone. One of the most important features that any buyer looks for while investing in a high end mobile is the camera and its features. And keeping up to this demand, the mobile cameras are armed with horde of technology, advanced optics and image sensors that are posing severe threat to the stand alone cameras. Let’s look at some of the best camera phones ruling the markets today.

iPhone 4s:

iPhone 4sThis device tops the chart of the best camera phones in the market. The camera comes with 8 mega pixels, shooting the sharpest photos and recording videos in 1080 HD clarity. It has f/2.4 lenses and the best ‘shot-to-shot’ time. It can capture clear images even in low light. But one thing is missing in the list of great things is optical zoom. Nevertheless, sharing photos taken from this mobile gives an upper edge to your pictures and may be the cause of envy among many who do not have it.

Nokia N8:

nokia-n8-3-frontThis device is more of a camera than a mobile phone. It has a 12 mega pixel camera, and has the largest image sensor ever to be embedded in a phone. It comes with 680 MHz processor which makes it a pleasure to capture and share pictures with great speed. With optics by Carl Zeiss and a display ratio of 4:3, this gadget is one of the best camera phones in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note:

Samsung Galaxy NoteThis Galaxy Note is a phone, or as the new Gen calls it, a ‘Phablet’ that is equipped with an 8mega pixel camera and capturing a great shot takes around 4 seconds. Saves you time there all thanks to its 1.4GHz dual-core processor. It also has a strong flash which makes low light photography a cake walk. And when there is natural bright light, it is capable of capturing the sharpest images ever.

Samsung Galaxy S2:

Samsung Galaxy S2Much like its sibling above, this one too has great capabilities when it comes to photography. The camera is 5 mega pixels and comes with various options like color, white balance, exposure and ISO to choose from while capturing a moment in time. This camera can be your best companion while at work or on a vacation because it understand the scene when you take a picture with settings options such as text, beach, sun rise and sun set, fireworks, and portraits.

HTC Evo 3D:

HTC Evo 3DCapturing 3D images as well as recording 3D videos while on the go is a reality with this handset. It has two auto focus 5 mega pixels rear camera and an amazing set of LED flash which enables the HTC mobile to click 3D photos. Its 4.3 inch display screen lets you view the 3D photos with naked eyes. So if you want to show off life- like pictures to your friends, or even to the gadget freak colleague, this can be your best camera phone.