This is the incredible moment, an 87-year-old lady suffering from Alzheimer’s remembers her daughter and has a short, lucid conversation. Georgia resident Kelly Gunderson shot the video of the emotional encounter and uploaded it onto YouTube — dubbed ‘God’s Gift’.

The video has collected 950,000 views in just three days. At the start of the video Ms Gunderson’s mother is clearly confused; at first thinking that her daughter is in fact her mother. Ms Gunderson, from Georgia, United States, captioned the emotional video: ‘My 87 year old mother with Alzheimer’s knew who I was, even if just for a moment.’

In the short video, Ms Gunderson’s mother fails to recognize her daughter at the start. However, a few minutes into the conversation, Ms Gunderson’s mother realises that she is talking to her daughter.

Mrs Gunderson said: ‘Well I love Kelly. Didn’t I name you Kelly. I love you Kelly.’ The 87-year-old afterwards briefly tries to clarify what she is thinking about, for a second putting her hand to her head. She said: ‘My Lord, what am I thinking about?’ Fortunately, Mrs Gunderson’s moment of clarity doesn’t end and she tells her daughter that she is now thinking about her. She said: ‘Well, I’m loving you.’ ‘I’m loving you too momma.’ ‘We’re both doing the same thing… isn’t it wonderful,’ added Mrs Gunderson.