A Help In Avoiding Pre-mature Sexualization

Notalie helps young girls avoid premature sexualisation. The doll is aimed at being a sincere friend who helps a young girl realise she doesn’t need to hurry into adulthood. Notalie tries to mould the personality of young girls towards a longer and natural childhood. Notalie is apparently just a large doll with unusually bored face and unglamorous body shape but actually all this is meaningful. The doll portrays the beauty of childhood and it doesn’t encourage sexualisation. In today’s age of media explosion, young girls have been observed under severe pressure of media advertising and celebrity images inappropriate for the young minds aged 6-8. It’s becoming more and more difficult for parents to take care of the emotional side of their young girls in today’s age of Barbie dolls and female celebrity images everywhere. Notalie is a big doll which promises to be a sincere friend you can rely on and leave your young girl in its company to have creative play and emotional sharing.

Notalie is from the category of big dolls which look like another girl but the speciality of these dolls is they are not negatively glamorous. Contrary to Barbie dolls and fashionable celebrities, Notalie doesn’t possess any unreal body shape of a woman reflecting femininity more than natural. Normally, you’ll find immense femininity in Barbie dolls and celebrity images being thrown at young girls through the Internet and other forms of media. It’s becoming a modern-day hazard and parents of kids look helpless in protecting their kids’ natural emotions and sentiments. In the case of young girls the matter is worse. Young girls are under virtual attack to grow up sooner and become adults rapidly. Notalie is an attempt at keeping young girls from getting interested in sexualisation sooner than natural. Notalie seems to be the product of a frame of mind that wants to strengthen the sense of childhood among young girls.

The doll conveys a way of life that is typical of a normal child with natural mental and physical growth. Notalie doesn’t believe in glamour or being larger-than-life. This is the strength with the help of which the doll inculcates special confidence in young girls to be young and natural without thinking about femininity and sexualisation before time. The doll doesn’t reflect any idea of being a woman or a girl with feminine beauty. It just looks like a girl who likes to play and share. It looks like a girl who is ready to be friends with and who believes in a normal lifestyle meant for a child especially a girl. When a doll brings with it such childlike qualities, the impact of its company is bound to be positive and a young girl playing with such a doll is guaranteed to stay away from adult topics. Notalie’s dressing, body language, looks and hairstyle present the personality of a young girl aged 5 to 8 who is not worried about anything in the world especially not about premature sexualisation.