Holey trinity by rustyjaw

Ivy Ruins by John Neville Cohen

Japan’s Abandoned Amusement Park

Lawndale Theater


Oval skeleton of the House of the Bulgarian Communist Party - Photo by Dimitar Kilkoff

Scale - Photo by Voreas

#2357 - Photo by Pheizy

Abandoned Mill from 1866 - Sorrento - Italy

Abandoned Power Plant - Photo by stevenbley

Abandoned power plant cooling chamber - Photo by richard gubbels

Abandoned railroad in France

Arbutus - Photo by Burningphotography

Buchanan Castle Corridor by Bora Horza

Church - Gary Indiana - Photo by eholubow

Curon Venosta - Italy

Eilean Donan Castle - Photo by pboehi

Goražden - Bosnia - Photo by Andrew Moore

Great white - Photo by andre govia

Herdmans Mill - Photo By Martino ~ NL