how to swim
The preferred method of teaching kids to swim looked a lot like fishing in 1906.

how to swim2
Fast forward to 1923 when schoolboys had to master their swimming strokes on dry land.

how to swim3
Youngsters at Brighton get their feet wet while learning proper form on August 20, 1934.

how to swim4
This student, taking a swimming lesson at Falkirk Technical School on November 1, 1935.

how to swim5
Members of the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham, south London on November 19, 1935.

how to swim6
Soldiers, training at Aldershot on March 26, 1936.

how to swim7
Taking a swimming lesson in new pool which was completed in February 1938.

how to swim8
One of the most important parts of learning how to swim, in 1955?

how to swim9
This novice swimmer is instructed on the proper form during his 1955 lesson.

how to swim10
It looks like she’s enjoying her first swimming lesson in the ocean, circa 1955.